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A Helping Heart, Inc. - dedicated to smooth transitions and home-like settings.

Providing You a Supported Living Service

At A Helping Heart, Inc., we believe that an individualized, intimate home-like setting provides the best opportunity to reach the highest quality of life and greatest likelihood of permanence. The goal and purpose of A Helping Heart, Inc. is to create community-based living arrangements with round-the-clock support staff. We emphasize on helping young adults with behavioral challenges transition into adulthood. Everything in the environment is designed to meet the individual's needs and abilities from the physical structure of the home to the daily activity choices. 

As a small, private company, each person supported is guaranteed to have a personalized living experience. Each house averages five core, dedicated, rotating Support Living Specialists. Keeping the staff changes per house to a minimum allows us to work closely and frequently with those we support. This consistency enables us to learn each person's behavior, personality, likes and dislikes, and medical concerns to our fullest ability. It also allows the supported individual to build a relationship, centered around trust, with their staff. 

Often, individuals with this level of intensive needs are cared for in large residential or hospital settings where they can live for years because no other living situation can accommodate their level of need. Unfortunately, these settings often create problems for the individual because the environment, structure, and activities are by necessity designed for groups and cannot be flexible enough to meet each person's needs at any given time. Not only is congregate care the most restrictive and most costly option, it is often far from the individual's family.

A Helping Heart, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Joy (Anderson) Coyne and David Coyne.  

To learn more on the people who help make A Helping Heart, Inc. a success, please meet "Our Team."


We currently have homes located in Mount Horeb, Middleton, West Madison, and East Madison. 

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