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A Helping Heart, Inc. strives to make the transition to independent living as smooth as possible. The services we provide are:

  • Locating and assisting in modifying a home as needed to partner with someone so they can live in their own home.

  • Adapting supports and services as needed.  If specific requirements are needed, working with the person to meet those requirements.

  • Providing proactive, responsive support for an effective Behavior Support Plan to help individuals live a happy, healthy life.

  • Coordinating with the support team, community service providers, school/vocational agency, and health care for each resident

  • Hiring, training, and supporting Direct Care Staff, Program Managers, Supervisory, and Administrative staff

The objective for this program is to raise the quality of life for individuals with severe needs by allowing them to live in homes, tailored in every respect, to meet their needs and enhance their specific interests and abilities. Individuals supported by A Helping Heart, Inc. will:

  • Gain capabilities, competencies, and interests

  • Reduce the amount of incidents of deregulated behaviors

  • Keep close connections with their extended families

  • Engage in the community to their greatest ability 

  • Achieve stability in the home setting

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